TEFL6- Call for Papers

TEFL – 6th International Conference on Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Communication, culture and creativity

in the ELT classroom

Call for papers

    • Title and abstract (150-200 words) accompanied by biodata (100 words): 15 July 2016
    • Send by email to: teals.fcsh@gmail.com
    • Notification of acceptance: 30 July 2016

The classroom setting is where school-based learning generally takes place, the success of which is affected by such factors as the physical space, social interaction, available resources, the curriculum and teaching/learning approaches.  With English being taught around the world from the earliest years of compulsory education, the classroom is often the only context where language instruction occurs – this can be restricting or liberating.

In addition, the 21st century ELT classroom is more global and interconnected, yet more divided too.  To overcome this, we should aim to prepare learners to communicate across cultures, negotiate meaning, handle ambiguity, discover different perspectives and use language as the expression of a more engaged and intimate self. Our leading question is: How can the ELT classroom explore creativity and contribute to developing learners’ ability to communicate across cultures and across borders?

The issues we would like to see discussed at the TEFL 6 conference consider the classroom context with learners in compulsory schooling in relation to communication, culture and creativity through the following strands:

  • Language use and communication
  • Classroom dynamics
  • The use of humour
  • The development and integration of intercultural education
  • Communication across cultures
  • Plurilingualism in education
  • Fostering creativity in the classroom
  • Enhancing creative thinking
  • Creative approaches to language education
  • Materials development and communication, culture or creativity
  • Assessment in relation to communication, culture or creativity
  • Critical thinking skills